day one, icebergs and scotch


Well after a night of Screeching and serious, serious drinking (fun) we found out there are icebergs in Twillingate. Not only would that be cool to see, but apparently we can get some iceberg ice and perhaps have a great scotch!! So the plan for day one is to drive the 500 or so kilometers to Twillingate and then over the next few days photograph our way back to St. John’s. We’ll be driving in our mobile command unit named “Maggie” the motorhome.

Technical complications in the morning delayed our launch by quite a few hours, however you can now follow us on Facebook and Twitter (key in Roth and Ramberg).  Also our new Hasselblad camera has a handy little GPS feature. If you have Google Earth on your computer the links at the bottom of this post will show you some of our photos along with the Google Earth location… give or take a few feet that is. 


So there she is Maggie… up on blocks with the last bit of equipment ready to be loaded. Launch was delayed by hangovers and technical difficulties thus we left Portugal Cove at 5PM


So now we have to introduce the cast of characters. Here are the three travelers, Dale Roth, Michele Ramberg, and the tall guy, well he’s Mark Scholz who is a longtime friend, former A Channel Edmonton breakfast television host, awesome musician, CBC Radio host, and MES Communications owner. Most importantly though, he’s a proud Newfoundlander and freaking funny guy who will video, audio, edit, cook, tour, translate and drive his dad’s motorhome in a safe and courteous manner throughout the whole trip.


It turns out Mike Meadus, creative director from McLaren McCann is a Newfoundlander and his parents live in Clarenville so we had a quick shot of Screech in honour of him.

After hours of travelling and a couple of stops, it was time to fill up Maggie. After chatting with the gas station owner we found out three important things. One… the RV park is just down the road and they have full hook ups and wireless. Two… the Ocean Breeze cafe is the place to meet people. Three… there is an accordian festival in town which should provide us with perhaps our first photo subject, we will be stalking them in the morning.

A night of steak, scallops, and sausage and a few drinks later we are working on blog etc… tomorrow the work starts. Come back and visit… dont forget to copy and paste the links below to see on Google Earth just where the hell we’ve been.

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