left turn at eastport


We were bee-lining for Twillingate.  What started out as a quick turn off for gas just past Terra Nova National Park turned into a day and a half adventure.

We landed smach dap in the middle of the Beaches Accordion Festival in Salvage.  They had 4 different ‘stages’.  The ‘stages’ were actually fish ‘stages’.  Wood buildings where local fisherman keep there nets, supplies etc. We photographed a wicked accordian player and his musical partner.  Some incredible Newfoundland music.

Quickly we discovered the place to hang out was the Ocean Breeze Cafe which is a converted Orangeman Hall. Now it’s a great restaurant and stand up bar.  Michelle, one of the cooks, arranged for us to go on a boat ride with her husband Bill.


 An dusk boat ride with Bill, chasing whales taking photos… it was spectacular.



Bill had a freezer full of iceberg ice and asked us to stay in his yard with Maggie the motorhome. We ended up with a good old fashioned shed party with Bill and his wife Michelle. Ice cold beer, 10 year old scotch, 30 year old moonshine and half cut rum. We stumbled to our beds late once again, but what a day… fortunately for us his yard has an incredible view of the bay and we slept with it out our windows.


 Rough start to the morning but off for more adventures.  Moonshine isn’t so funny the morning after…


 If you’ve got Google Earth loaded, paste this link below to see some more photos.


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