ice, ice, baby


We drove into the night and arrived at Dildo Run Provincial Park (yes we covered every joke). A few hot showers and some drinking by the campfire we went to bed refreshed. In the morning, we drove the last few kilometres to Twillingate, the drive in was unbelievable. Every vision we ever had of Newfoundland was right before our eyes. If you haven’t noticed we like to eat out a lot, mainly because its a chance to meet the locals.


 The Harbour View restaurant seemed perfect and it had wireless. For the first time in a long time we’re back on the grid. Dale went outside to take photos while the rest of the crew worked on the blog etc. Carrying two blackberries, Dale was stopped by what may have been the owner, Cal. They got to talking and within a few minutes we were packing everything up and driving down the road to meet Bax, but first we ate toutons (panfried bread dough with molasses).


Bax had a boat and was ready to give us a tour of the icebergs. What a beautiful boat ride getting close to the icebergs, taking photos and watching them break apart.




After a few drinks with some freshly caught iceberg ice on Roy’s fishing stage we found out where a 96 year old fisherman lived that we could photograph. Then a little boy showed up with his wooden toy boat on a string, click.



 We wheeled Maggie to an oceanside picnic park for the night. BBQ, a little Fat Bastard red wine and rumbling sounds from the ice bergs all night long. I wonder what they’ll look like when we wake up. Unfreaking believable… a perfect day and a perfect night camped out right beside the icebergs.




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