i'm not eating the beets


 We went in search of a lighthouse and a man who makes small sized handmade Dory boats. We ended up in Glovertown and couldn’t find anything. We attempted to photograph a woman who was selling homeade goodies. After buying some beets and fudge we asked if we could photograph her. For the first time in a long time we were turned down. We tried the fudge. It was horrible. After one bite we spit it out. Lesson learned… don’t buy fudge from strangers. I think we will toss the beets too??  We stopped by a shipyard in the hopes of finding someone, all we found was what we believe to be a friendly guard Beagle.


We also attempted find somewhere to park Maggie for the night, a place with internet etc. with no success, however in Newtown there might be something interesting. We’ll go back in the morning and see what comes up.


 After a dinner of cod tongue we ended up parking by the beach and drinking some Old Sam rum, can’t wait to how spectacular the beach is in the morning…. stay tuned.



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