weather or not

It was a dark, stormy night… literally. We woke up on the beach but the rain had begun. Yesterday was not great photowise and today the weather could limit our shooting. We drove around an area called New-Wes Valley which is a collection of small villages located a few miles apart. One of the villages, Newtown, has a heritage village so we thought that might be the place to start. We had heard they had a gondola which navigated the river which runs through the town. Perhaps a photo there… only to find out the gondola man was not around. We found the name of a local artist and continually phoned him throughout the day with no luck.


 Spirits were a bit down as we desperately drove around trying to find something… anything. We were crusing around Greenspond and drove past an incredible house right on the ocean. Someone was wandering outside so Dale jumped out and started chatting. A few minutes later we were inside getting the tour, drinking coffee and arranging to photograph Josephine. The rain started as we shot outside and water was dripping from Jospehines’ face as we finished the last shot.


 Turns out there was an iceberg in Greenspond and sure enough the view from the hill was incredible. We shot, got soaked and afterwards drank some Sam’s rum.


 We kept passing  a sign on the highway Norton Cove Studios, and on a hunch we tracked it down. Inside was a great little art gallery print shop. The owner Janet was incredible as we photographed her. In the end, she offered up her shower and wireless interest to us and invited us for a porkchop dinner and but we knew we had to push on to Twillingate.


 Driving down the highway eager to get to the campground for a shower, we passed by some fly fisherman fishing at the mouth of the ocean. Both Michele and Dale wanted to get to the showers, but Mark was the voice of reason and we turned around….glad we did as we got some photos, and watched one of the locals hook a nice Atlantic Salmon.


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