another perfect day


 We heard the sounds of the icebergs breaking all night long. We decided to get an early start to the day for a change. Loading video, working on the blog, facebook, twitter etc. takes a long time. That of course would be fine if Rogers coverage wasn’t non-existent outside St John’s. It makes our little mobile internet stick “as stunned as a birch broom in the fits”, whatever that means…          

 We were determined to find a kayaker to photograph by the icebergs. After wrapping up our internet work, we spotted two kayakers in the bay.  We tracked down Bax for another boat ride.  Sure enough he was ready to take us out on his boat so we hauled ass across the bay towards the kayakers. We pulled up alongside one of the kayakers and there before our eyes was a wonderful redhead. We thought for sure her name was going to be Maggie but it wasn’t. While photographing her, we definitely drifted WAY TOO CLOSE to the iceberg.


 We safely got out with no iceberg tipping over on to us. To celebrate we headed back to our favorite stage for a few beers.


 Lunch time. We had to have some seafood by the ocean… Mark and Michele anyway. We drove a few km out of town and took a back road to Doyle W Sansome and Sons. There’s is a little wharf with a few buildings to hold live lobster and the tiniest kitchen ever.


 We got two lobster specials. In one of the buildings one of the owners grabbed two live lobsters handed them to Michele. She plunked them each into a lobster pot sitting on the concrete floor.


 A few minutes later… lobster by the sea. Yummy. 

Here’s the difficult math… the fisherman sells the lobster for $3-4/lb and then the restaurant sells it to us for $20/lb.


 After a few stops to buy some clean underwear for Dale, stock up on more beer, shopping in an art gallery by the sea.. we are now off to the ferry at Farewell. It’s an hour from Twillingate and we caught the last ferry to Fogo Island.


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Bert Sansome
Hi there, thanks for the pics. My son-in-law sent me your web info and it was a joy to hear and see how much you enjoyed my homeland. I was born in a little house just up from Hilligrade Lobster (by the sea), in 1937. My wife and family have lived here in the Toronto area all my adult life, with vacations back home through the years. Eight years ago I retired and each summer we head back down to Twilligate and to our little house by the sea in a place called 'Back Harbour'. During the past 8 yrs I have been renovating and now when we go down we look forward to just sitting on the front deck and look west out onto our bay and watch the whales. Glad to read your account, I hope you will come back again soon. Blessings, Rev. Bert Sansome Lindsay, Ontario K9V6J4 PS yes, I am related to the 'Sansomes Lobster Pond' the owner is my uncle and the people running it are my cousins.

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