fogo island


 We pulled in late last night onto Fogo Island. Friends of friends of Mark’s live at the far end of the island in a town named Tilting. One quick call to Cathy and Joe and we are invited over. We hit the scene close to 10:30pm. We ask Cathy about the best way to cook our fresh cod from Twillingate. A few minutes later Maggie is hooked-up out back recharging her batteries. Before we know it, Cathy is frying up a proper scoff of cod fillets and potatoes for our midnight dinner.  Best cod we’d ever eaten… even Dale had a fine feed!


 Cathy makes a call to her sister Mary who lives next door.  Instantly it turns into a good old fashioned kitchen party. A bottle of Sam’s is opened and the lid is thrown away. Mary took quite a fancy to Dale and gave him the gears all night long. The bottle is done and Joe walks in to the house after his own shed party at the neighbors. He’s suprised to see the three of us, but of course we were welcome with open arms.


 We’ve got lots of work to.  We don’t want to get caught on Fogo. We get up early and go find something to shoot. The last ferry is out at 6:30. Bacon and eggs courtesy of Mark, showers all around thanks to Cathy & Joe and then we hit the streets…

We begin to hear stories about a local woman from a town named Joe Batt’s Arm. She is quite a success story, having come from a poor family and now a philanthropist. She has attracted artists from around the world to stay in the community to work. As well, she has set up scholarships for students and set up a foundation to help businesses start up. She’s involved with the local ice cream shop which hires local high school kids and an incredible restaurant with a world class chef… of course we stopped there for lunch. From all accounts she is doing great things for Fogo Island.


 There’s a specific kind of boat called a punt. It’s is a type of rowboat used quite frequently in this area. It’s meant to be towed behind a slightly bigger boat and then used to haul the nets etc. for fishing. We hear there are a few boat builders in the area.  Our first quest is to find one of the boatbuilders. Poking around town we find a man named Aiden.  He won the first ever annual punt race from Fogo Island to Change Island and back. He lets Michele take her shot at piloting the boat… not so good.


 Throughout the day, we hear a story of a man who owns a Newfoundland pony. It’s a specific horse that is slighty smaller than a regular horse but bigger than a Shetland. There’s only one pony on Fogo. We manage to find him and his horse and they both agree and to let us photograph them.  His pony is named Midnight Trumpet.

After a quick drink with Joe and Katheine and family visiting from Alberta in their shed we haul ass to the ferry.  We make it with time to spare (good thing the boat was late arriving). We hop aboard and within five minutes Michele is steering the boat back to Farewell Harbour.


Another link to paste into Google Earth to see more of Fogo Island.

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