the party is over...


We finally got Maggie home and back up on her blocks in Portugal Cove. Tired and dirty, we had a bit of a sleep in but were up early enough to drive around Portugal Cove. We were pretty sure we had enough shots for the calendar but perhaps there was still a gem waiting to be found. Lunch of fish and chips by the ocean ended up taking priority, along with buying new outfits to wear to Mark’s cousin’s wedding we managed to get ourselves invited to.


 We joined Mark at the Legion after the supper and speeches were done. More drinks and beer. The party was rolling along and all of a sudden the music stopped. The lights turned on. The bartender grabbed the mike and announced that if guests were bringing in their own beer she was going to shut the wedding down. Then the lights got shut off and the music got cranked up again. Newfoundlanders love to have fun that’s for sure.


We stumbled home around 1am and sure enough there was yet another good old fashioned shed party going on. Men singing old Newfoundland songs, lots of rum and good times. Another 3am night.  Unfortunately we had to be up at 6:30am to catch our flight home. 


 We’re sad it’s over… but what an adventure! Wonderful, warm, hardworking, hospitable people. We can’t say enough about how great our trip was. The sense of community is strong in Newfoundland. We will be back for sure and you should go too.

We hope you enjoyed the blog entries if you’ve read them to this point. Stay tuned in January for the ‘Roth and Ramberg around the Bays’ Newfoundland Calendar. If you’d like a copy of the calendar just drop us a line and let us know your address.

Thanks to everyone in Newfoundland who took good care of us, especially Fred and Rosland.

Now it’s time to get some sleep, then start the detox and dieting. 

Thanks for coming along with us…

Dale & Michele

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