everyone loves a cowboy


On March 26 the Government of Alberta launched a new branding campaign. Alberta:  Freedom to Create.  Spirit to Achieve.

The campaign included a print ad that ran throughout the province. As well, a brand new website was produced to advertise Alberta and all that it has going for it. We submitted photos to the agency for the initial mock ups. They loved one of the photos so much they wanted to use it in the kick-off to the campaign.

The shot is from a personal series we did for Hasselblad Cameras. Hasselblad wanted some photos for the Hasselblad Masters worldwide calendar, so we thought, what a great opportunity to show off a little bit of Alberta to the world. We spent a day at a ranch in the foothills of the Rockies and met and photographed some wonderful people.

Here’s some of the other photos in the series in case you want to see them. It’s a good example of what we do best… go in to a new situation and make the people comfortable and natural.


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