roth and ramberg does burlesque

…well, not us per se.

capital city burlesque four.jpg

We had the pleasure of working on a fun project with the Capital City Burlesque Troop. They needed some individual photos for postcards and posters and we were excited to help.

We had the luxury of watching some rehearsals and got to meet everyone which made the actual shoot very comfortable. After some research, we determined that the best approach was a turn of the century or early photography type of look.

Lighting wise, we imagined it very simple. We had a little inspiration from photo great Irving Penn, who did a series of black and white photographs shooting into the corner of his studio. We think he had beautiful skylights to work with. We weren’t so fortunate; our solution was to bounce one light off the ceiling.

Here’s a sample of the initial photographs.

c1794-0077 copy_.jpg

They looked quite good in color and we played around with a hand-coloring type of treatment, but no matter what we still came back to the original concept which was simple lighting, simple look.

The final product. Basic photoshop included converting to a sepia color. A tiny bit of dodging (that’s an old darkroom term, you know). Then finally placing the photo into the ‘frames’ to mimic the old time look.

burlesque 2 copy.jpg

Here’s a video of the actual shoot, which includes the making of the final images.



Karin Woodard
Love the pictures. The lighting worked well!!The girls look fabulous. Well done!! Karin Woodard Freelance Makeup artist
nice! more dale dancing!!!
Brilliant, very effective.

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