roth and ramberg are officially off the grid


Dale Roth and Michele Ramberg are officially off the grid.

First a quick background for those who don’t know. We are commercial photographers who, every year, take a photo trip. This year we brought along our assistant Robyn to help. The purpose of the trip is to photograph our annual Roth and Ramberg calendar. We try to pick places a little off the beaten path, but more importantly, we go to meet the people. Regular people who have interesting stories, interesting lives and interesting faces.

This year we decided to go off the grid… to a place that actually chooses to be off the grid. There’s no power. The only access is by boat, float plane or foot passenger ferry. This place is logistically very difficult to get to.  

The normal way to get here is to take a ferry, then drive 45 minutes to another location where you will have to leave your car at a pub, and board a foot passenger ferry to get to the island.

That’s all well and good but there’s a farmer’s market that ends at 1pm and the normal way won’t get us there until after 3pm. Why is that an issue? Well, we’ve learned over the years that the toughest part to getting great photographs is meeting people. The market is the perfect place to meet all of the locals.

So… we came up with another plan.

We took a ferry to a completely different location and then hired a boat to take us directly to the island to arrive when the market opens. Perfect right? Well, not exactly. The boat we were supposed to take broke, so the captain found us another boat. The new boat was a small fishing vessel. Perfect right? Well, not exactly. Turns out the fishing boat was going to take 3 hours to get there instead of the 45 minutes we were expecting, and at this point we were already half an hour late.

We looked around and saw a guy selling prawns. A $20 bag of prawns later, we were on his boat speeding directly towards the island. We made it to the market with 15 minutes to spare. It was a small market with about 8 vendors, all of whom were very friendly. We’re finally off to a great start.

After the market, we went to the pub. We learned to two things from the bartender. One… the best drink there is a Caesar because someone on the island provides local sea salt for the rim. You know we’ve got to get some. And two… the restaurant we were counting on is closed until further notice. Did we mention there’s no real grocery store on the island and that the farmer’s market is now a week away.

No power, limited food, but enough liquor to last us the night.

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Yves Lepage
Did you guys pack some real polaroids, or are you doing some post production? Seems like a lotta fun. Glad we could get together last week. Glad we had a good meal too!

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