tuesday is the new sunday

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Well, last night we literally went off the grid. We met Keith, the owner of the bar, and then everything went sideways. The shooters started flowing, the drinks never ended and we shut the place down. As far as nights go, it was stellar. We’re starting to feel like locals. But first, let’s start with the beginning of the day. 

Around here Tuesday is considered Sunday. There’s no ferry service on Tuesday so things are much slower around the island. We drove down to the cafe for our usual delicious breakfast. One of the local barge owners joined us for coffee. He offered up his canoe and kayak for us to use around the bay. How can you refuse an offer like that? Apparently everyone had a good laugh at Dale’s rowing skills, which ended up being a great icebreaker for conversation later that night at the bar.

Since it was Sunday for us too, we spent the day enjoying the island, which included a trip to the far end for some more secluded swimming. There we met some locals who were enjoying a swim in the nude. One gentleman began asking what we were doing on the island. We explained our story and after a whispered conversation between him and his wife, they invited us over later in the week to take photos. He reaffirmed our decision to not reveal our location. Seems like we made the right decision to keep this place a secret.

Later that afternoon we picked up our new writer friend Mike and brought him over for dinner and drinks since his supply of food was running out. After dinner we headed over for a drawing class at the Art Centre. Robyn was the only one of us that had done that before. We were in over our heads, but we had fun trying. Here’s a sample of all of our work… remember we’re new at it.


After class, we headed down for a few pints. On the deck, we saw Keith, the owner of the bar, who we’ve been watching since he waved to us when we arrived on the first day.  He is a great character and a great face. Turns out his personality matches too. We danced and laughed until the wee hours of the morning. Dale was too lazy to take Mike home, so we kidnapped him for the night and forced him to stay at our place to write our blog.

This morning we had a lot of work ahead of us to make up for the slack day yesterday. There are still a lot of people to shoot, and time and battery life is running out.


Except it's....Thursday?
The suspense is killing me to see the photos. And of course I expect a patios and drinks description of the trip. Sounds like a winner.

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