tailgate party


It’s Thursday night, and if you’ve been paying attention we sort of skipped Wednesday. As it sometimes happens on this island, the day went missing. What we can say about the day is that we saw a monkey, which is strange since we’re nowhere near the tropics.

Today is another story. The tailgate broke on our truck so we searched out a welder and promptly drove down the island to his place in hopes he could fix it. We found him, but he was out of welding rods since they hadn’t arrived on the ferry yet. Instead we got a tour of his completely ‘grid-less’ place in the woods and drank homemade blackberry cider. His cider is legendary, and the really cool part is that he has it on tap in his kitchen. 
Remember earlier in the week when we mentioned the caesars at the bar rimmed with unique smoked sea salt from the island?  Well, it turns out that he’s the guy who makes it in his custom made smoker. He’s one of those guys who can make whatever he needs. He even built a gas powered blackberry picker that sucks the ripe berries right off the bush. 

Tonight we had a three hour boat ride at sunset with our new friend Frank who we met at the bar last night. He even let us steer the boat. All we had to do was bring a dozen beers along.

Now we are back at our place. We had to fill the generator with gas in the dark because we weren’t smart enough to fill it up when it ran out this morning. Gas is running low, so we are on a limited power supply. We managed to use an inverter to charge a few things today so we wouldn’t run out of juice. We’re learning to conserve, which is just what this island is all about.

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