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It’s 1 am and we’re back at our place. Today was very productive.

It’s interesting to step back and go over where our trip started and where we’ve ended up so far. There’s no real way to describe the vibe here. The best description we can come up with has nothing to do with the photos we took today, but has to do with tonight at the bar.

Tonight a local band was playing at the bar, which drew quite the crowd. As the night went on, people were coming over and sitting with us asking how our day of shooting went. Even some people we hadn’t met stopped to tell stories of how they ended up here.

For only being here a few days, we realized we had met a lot of great people. They all have such diverse stories and diverse backgrounds. Being on an island forces them to all get along since they all depend on each other in some way to survive. They’ve seen people come and go from the island, but those who can ‘make it’, are accepted as family, no matter who they are or what they believe in.

Fortunately, it seems that we’ve been accepted as well. By now people on the island know who we are and what we are doing here. The highlight of our night at the pub was when a well-respected man we had photographed a few days earlier came over and told us something really special. He said that everyone he had talked to had spoken very highly of us and that they thoroughly enjoyed their experience. He also said that he understood that part of our job is to charm people, but that we do it in a very sincere way. That was quite the compliment.

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