the last day


When we first arrived on the island, we saw some characters we really wanted to photograph. Some men on the dock. Others were at the farmers market.

We have been drinking and partying all week with those men we first saw on the dock. They kept promising us we could take their photo, but somehow magically they kept disappearing whenever we were ready to shoot. Since today was our last day of shooting, we got up really early to try to catch them one last time. They were up even earlier than us and had already left on their barge to get gas for the one and only gas pump here on the island.

So instead we went to the shed for breakfast and waited around until the Saturday farmers market opened. There were two people we hoped to photograph there. One was a juggler who may or may not show up at the market. The second was a man who actually mints his own limited edition coins right on the island. It all sounded doable until we realized our batteries for the camera weren’t recharging properly, so we started to panic. We remembered someone saying that if you needed help with anything on the island, there was always someone here who could give you the answer. So we told the local taxi driver about our charging issues and within minutes, a solar power expert came over and informed us our inverter in the truck, and the generator at our place, were not providing sufficient power to fully charge our batteries. After limiting our photos at the market to a bare minimum, we scraped by and even squeaked in a third person.

Afterwards we grabbed a beer and plugged in the battery at the bar. The men who we were hoping to photograph from the dock walked in and joined us. They finally agreed to let us photograph them. We grabbed the battery and sure enough, it was fully charged.

During the week we somehow managed to get ourselves invited to a local wedding. It was on the rocks at the top of the bay at the far end of the island. After the wedding, the entire grooms family climbed into the back of our pickup truck and we drove them to the community hall for the dance. There a rumba band played giant homemade xylophones as everyone dancing as a group to the sounds of the music.

Since we have to catch the first ferry out in the morning we left the party early. It was hard to leave our new friends. They said they’re going to miss us and hoped we would come back one day.

It’s hard to believe we were so worried about being accepted here. This is truly a magical place. We’re definitely going to keep their little secret.

Dale, Michele and Robyn


I`ve enjoyed reading about your time on the Ìsland. Well done!!!
I hate having friends with integrity. I want to know where this island is! Ha

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