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roth and ramberg shoot... well, best you just take a look at the video


This was a crazy shoot we did with DDB Edmonton. Syncrude donated money to fund a new ski lift at Fort McMurray’s Vista Ridge ski hill and since Syncrude is well known for raising a herd of bison on their reclaimed land, the concept included a bison. The ski lift ...

featured on communication arts home page

The work we shot for WAX Partnership for the Calgary International Film Festival was featured on the Communication Arts website. Thanks Brad, Brian, Scott and Joe!

comm arts.jpg

roth and ramberg shoot HIV Edmonton's Legacy Book-Around the Kitchen Table: 25 Years of AIDS in Edmonton

It’s World Aids Day on December 1st.

This year is HIV Edmonton’s 25th anniversary so they produced a coffee table book to help raise funds. Since HIV is a charity worthwhile supporting, we were more than happy to help. We had the opportunity to photograph some of the founders ...