roth and ramberg shoot... well, best you just take a look at the video


This was a crazy shoot we did with DDB Edmonton. Syncrude donated money to fund a new ski lift at Fort McMurray’s Vista Ridge ski hill and since Syncrude is well known for raising a herd of bison on their reclaimed land, the concept included a bison. The ski lift was simple to shoot, but the bison… not so much.

A few years ago we photographed a couple for People Magazine who had a pet bison. In fact, they would bring him into their living room and let him watch television with them. We tracked down the couple again, and we were off and running.

It wasn’t possible for the bison to get to the ski lift, so it would have to done in two shots. Our preference was to photograph the bison first and then match the lighting for the ski hill. As with all plans, something usually goes sideways. We had to change the order of the photos and start with the woman on the ski lift. That shot was pretty straightforward, using the sun to our advantage and an adding a little extra lighting in front.

Off to see Bailey the Bison. The sky clouded over so that took away our side light. We would have to create it. We needed to photograph the bison from underneath so we set up on a little ramp that was once used to load cattle into trucks. We set up two lights, one to simulate the sun, the other in front and on the ground. The biggest concern was that the bison was going to jump off the hill and crush Dale.

Watch the video and see how it all came together.


What a great Christmas treat - seeing the magic of R&R at work with a less-than-cooperative bison (which, we down south in the US refer to as a "slightly overweight reindeer"). Btw, does Santa know one of his sleigh-pullers is moonlighting? Thank you Michele and Dale for sharing such joy. Another of your fans, pvb
Krissy Schmidt
Totally awesome!!!
That was way too cool!!!!! Loved getting to see the behind the scenes. Thanks for sharing!
Wow this is wonderful! Love seeing how you work. Keep them coming
Thanks for sharing the awesome video that shows what you did from start to finish. Super cool!!
Awww - makes me miss working with you guys. Looks like a lot of fun. d

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