the fast lasts. honda indy edmonton posters

John from DDB asked us if we wanted to shoot some photos for this years Indy Race in Edmonton.

indy mockup.jpg

Budget was tight so renting locations was sort of out of the question. We decided to shoot in the studio. John came down to Calgary and we began construction. Here are some behind the scenes photos of the prep and actual shoot.

indy1.jpg indy3.jpg indy2.jpg indy 4.jpg walls indy.jpg IndyWild-TwistedNeck-NLapproved-2 copy_.jpg

IndyWild-TwistedNeck-NLapproved-1 copy.jpg

The last one, which didn’t make it in the end but still fun to produce/shoot.



 and on location

indy guerilla.jpg


John Halliday
Looks awesome, thanks a million for making this happen. You guys rock, I wish there was a picture of Robyn doing the photoshopping. Until the next!!
Yves Lepage
Hmm. I didn't think i'd want an iPad until now. and I want your camera too!

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