art direct a photoshoot with your iPad?... extended blog edition

Sure you can, it’s easy with our camera and software. We shoot with the Hasseblad H3D which is a 50 mega pixel camera giving you a final 143 mb file to work with.


The software named Phocus is unique to Hasselblad. What makes it the best camera around is the color and tonal range. The skin tones we get are outstanding. Billboard, well this is as big as it gets. Zoomed in we can see Jen was there.

original ranch.jpg   jen_.jpg

We can shoot to a data card and download it to the computer but quite frankly that’s kind of old school. We tether to the laptop with a firewire 800 and the laptop and software run at 64 bit which juices it up even more. Camera to laptop or ipad is around 2 seconds which of course, one day will be painfully slow but for now it’s the best game in town. The software has one thing that makes it quite unique and that little hidden gem is called overlay. The ability to put your layout overtop the photo and see exactly where the type or logo will end up on the photo. No more guessing.


Because the software imports it as an fff file which is exclusive to Hasselblad, it is quick to load, edit, whatever. No fumbling with raw and jpeg. Also, the camera is a workhorse, easily shooting in the studio but as almost 90 percent of our work is on location, it works in the extreme conditions that we find ourselves in all the time.

Oh, and we also have a GPS attachment which hooks right up with google Earth. Why, you ask? Well, when a client wanted to show the reclamation area around their site they used it to show the exact spot where every photo was taken including a thumbnail of each shot.. or when we were in Newfoundland, we thought a tourism site could create a little app with GPS and show exactly where the photo was taken from. Maybe it’s a chain of restaurants or banks or customers across the country, the possibilities are endless, especially for content for the web. Think Wired Magazine app.

gps.jpg                   gps2.jpg

Do we love it? Yep… will you? Yep. Oh, and we never hear our client or their client saying “hey I have a camera just like that”

Here’s a video of an iPad in action. It’s finicky but it works. View photos as they come in, scroll thru for selects, zoom in to check expression, etc. and finally make sure it fits your layout. All without getting out of your chair. How did we do it? Well, we’re not tech geniuses but a little app called air display allows you to use the ipad as second monitor, and fortunately for us our phocus software just slides right on over into it with all functions working.

Thanks to Darcy and Marie for helping us out on a Saturday afternoon.

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Cris Myhre
So THAT'S what you do with an ipad. Here I thought it was just for Tetris.

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