roth and ramberg in graphis


Two of our favorite photos from our 2009 Texas Road Trip were included in the 2010 Graphis Photography Annual. The annual is a beautifully printed hardcover book that is distributed worldwide.


 The first photo is of two barbers in a little Texas town. Apparently it wasn’t their first time being photographed. According to the barbers, there’s a giant b&w photograph of the two of them hanging somewhere in a Manhattan restaurant shot by a NYC shooter a few years back. Now they are worldwide stars!!


The second photo was from the Cadillac Ranch. We noticed this guy with some tattoo’s sticking out from under his t-shirt. Michele asked him if he would mind taking his shirt off for a photo. Scary looking guy, but super nice…

Stay tuned as the 2010 Photography awards are starting to roll in.

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jeffrey wood
jeffrey wood
congratulations on graphis. there's a book to be in if there ever was one. i look forward to seeing it in print.

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