roth and ramberg shoot calgary film fest ads

We got a call from our friends at Wax who were doing the Calgary International film festival campaign. They sent over the initial sketches and we quickly jumped on board.

ciff layout.jpg 

As a group, we found some locations around Calgary. A corporate video shoot, an editing suite, and even the set for the TV series Heartland. All of which graciously donated their locations for us to use. The first shot was done on the top of a parkade at dusk. In order to get tears, we brought a lot of onions and eyedrops. The actor rubbed the onions in his eyes and we were off to the races. The second shot was done on the Heartland set. We can’t remember who came up with the idea for the runny mascara, but it was brilliant whoever you were.


Here are the rest of the series, needless to say, we had great fun shooting and if you look close enough you will recognize a couple of art directors crying their eyes out.

caff series.jpg

They even had a billboard that actually cried, damn those creatives are smart.


Thanks to everyone involved. Special thanks to Brad, Brian and Joe at Wax for giving us a call and letting us play around.


Nice ones, guys - I was wondering who shot these. Really good stuff!
You guys are awesome. Nice work. Good fun!

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