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roth and ramberg in swerve magazine


If you’re in Calgary today and you happen to buy a copy of the Calgary Herald with Swerve Magazine inside, then you’ll see some of our photos. The folks at Swerve got a copy of our calendar and decided to fill this issue with all of our photos and stories ...

roth and ramberg gets their very own app

We’re just launched our very own Roth and Ramberg App. It’s not our portfolio photos but rather it’s a digital magazine(s) with our photos, stories and behind the scenes look at what we do. Download it now to get the first issue titled ‘Off the Grid’. In this issue ...

roth and ramberg profiled on applied arts website


Applied Arts Magazine just did a profile story about us and our work. Our thanks to Alison Garwood-Jones for writing a great article. And thanks Applied Arts! Read the article here.

Dale & Michele

another year, another roth and ramberg calendar






keith900px.jpgThis year we went to an island that is off the grid, with no power or water unless you generate your own. We photographed some amazingly resourceful people there and made some new friends.


As a bonus this year, we created an app for the iPad and iPhone. Download the Roth ...