another year, another roth and ramberg calendar






keith900px.jpgThis year we went to an island that is off the grid, with no power or water unless you generate your own. We photographed some amazingly resourceful people there and made some new friends.


As a bonus this year, we created an app for the iPad and iPhone. Download the Roth and Ramberg app to see our digital magazine, complete with all the stories and photos of the people we met on our trip. Click to download the Roth and Ramberg app.


If you would like a copy of our calendar give us a shout at


Dale and Michele


Eli Dupuis
Looks great guys! I'd love a copy for my desk here at the office! (winkwink)
Cathy Bennington
Just received my calendar - Awesome. Thank you so much.
drew myers
Gorgeous - makes me wish a year had more than 12 months!
Great calendar. Glad it all worked out for you. The guy with the prawn boat ...
Barry Churchill
Fantastic photography! I saw the calender at the pub and was blown away. These folks are my friends, some for over 30 years. I would love to have a copy of the calender. Let me know if that's possible. Thanks ps I'm the guy that runs 'the sort of taxi'
diana schroeder
I lived there from '74-'84 and my daughter was born there. The best place in the world to raise kids. Still keep in contact with some of the community. In fact, the taxi guy just left my place. Really, really great photography. I want this calendar!
eric caron
amazing work guys love the light n effects and such !
Neil Koven
As always, just incredible images.

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