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roth and ramberg say goodbye scotland

Well we made it back.

We didn’t find the monster. We did however meet some people who did. Everyone has a theory and we can’t wait to share our photos and stories, but you will have to wait until December.

What can we say other than thank-you Scotland. It’s a wonderful place ...

roth and ramberg fight to the finish

July 16 – posted by Terri Roberts

After back to back hat tricks on Thursday and Friday, there we were… mad dash to the end.  We still needed two more subjects. And we were running out of time.

Our initial leads went bust early in the morning. Some were out of ...

roth and ramberg learn a lesson

July 15th - Posted by Terri Roberts

Today we learned what it’s all about. Well, kind of.

We set out early in the morning (sadly, earlier than any coffee shop we passed) and drove from one end of the Loch to the other to meet a man named Rod.

Rod has spent more ...

roth and ramberg shoot a trio of legends

July 14 - posted by Terri Roberts

Today was a good shooten’ day. 

Upload from July 14, 2011

Even though we had our sneaking suspicions that 16 degrees was more of a rule than an average, we were proved wrong when it hit 24, and the bright sunny sky followed us around the Loch for the second ...

roth and ramberg go in search of the heilan coo (highland cow)

July 13 - posted by Terri Roberts

The day began ambitiously enough.  It was our last morning in Drum, and Michele and I wanted to take advantage of the fact that we were only a few miles from a castle. So we ran there and back.  The view of ...

roth and ramberg get stuck in a rut

On account of a late night dram at the Benleva Hotel (thanks Joe!), we had a wee bit of a sleep in. And it was lovely. But after a quick breakfast (still considered breakfast if you’re on Newfoundland time), we headed off in search of Nessie Hunter Steve Feltham in ...

roth and ramberg meet willie the rat

July 11, 2011 – Posted by Roth and Ramberg

The day started out stellar. In fact, pretty near close to perfect. We mentioned we had met Willie at the pub last night. “Ask for Willie the Rat, they’ll know where to find me.”

We travelled the five miles down the road ...

roth and ramberg ask "is it really all craaaapppp?"

July 10 - posted by Terri Roberts

It isn’t every morning you start off at a castle but this was one such morning. Urquhart Castle is just a few miles down the road from Drum. Its first known visitor was Saint Columba more than 1400 years ago, though I doubt he ...

roth and ramberg go to whisky school

July 9 (and the wee hours of July 10). - posted by Terri Roberts

After a lengthy sleep (jet lag induced, not booze), we headed out in search of Nessie, or those who may have encountered her.

Our first stop just was down the very lush and leafy road, in a little ...

roth and ramberg say hello Scotland

Upload from July 08, 2011

Thursday, July 7 - Posted by Terri Roberts

And we’re off….

We all met up in Edinburgh last night after a couple of red eyes across the pond.

It’s a spectacular city, complete with bagpipers on virtually every corner (including a particularly talented fellow doing a killer version of Thunderstuck), statues, monuments, ancient ...

roth and ramberg are off to find the loch ness monster

Upload from July 04, 2011

In case you missed it, we had a contest to see who could come up with the best idea for our 2012 calendar. Whoever had the best idea would get to join us on the trip.

The winning entry was from Terri Roberts from Target Marketing in Newfoundland. Her idea was ...