roth and ramberg work on a fun shoot for universal barbers

We got a call from Jeff Mclean who we’ve worked with many times, most recently shooting the Newfoundland Hunting and Fishing ads. His coworkers, Dax Fullbrook and Sarah Park, are both from Target Marketing in Newfoundland. Dax and Sarah  had an idea to shoot various photos at a barbershop and were looking for one that wanted to do some fun advertising. It wasn’t convenient for us to fly to Newfoundland so we decided we would shoot the photos in Edmonton. Edmonton is where we first met Jeff a few years ago, and where he still is part time. Jeff scouted a location in Edmonton and spoke with the owner Ted who was happy to do some fun advertising so we were off to the races! Now we had to figure out how to let Dax art direct from Newfoundland?

We had no idea what we were getting into so we brought a van load of lighting. Well it turns out Universal Barbers is quite busy on a Monday and there was a lineup of customers waiting to get their haircut. We decided against lighting everything and instead just used available light. We started off to the side and in the corner but by the end we were right in the heart of the action. Ted was a gracious host and good sport.

The best part was we were able to shoot to our computer/ipad with the new Phocus app (stay tuned for another blog post soon). We shot to the laptop and a lo res jpeg is instantly produced on the ipad. One of the apps many features is email so with a simple press of the screen a lo res jpeg was sent to Newfoundland where Dax and company could art direct. Suprisingly it was quite easy and smooth to shoot this way. We managed to get a rhythm going and by the end had 6 final images which are below. The bonus was a half page ad in the National Post.

We love the idea and love the copy!! Thanks Dax and Sarah

Universal barber shop4.jpg 

Universal barber shop5.jpg 

Universal barber shop6.jpg 

Universal barber shop3.jpg 

Universal barber shop2.jpg 

Universal barber shop.jpg    


Those are awesome :) Especially the Thailand one!
Those are awesome :) Especially the Thailand one!
Paul Koziorowski
I had a great chuckle at these. Great shots but I love the typography and the verbiage. Like Margo said the Thailand one was funny but I like the moustache one even more. Great job!
These are fabulous - and so much fun! Good job, you guys, and kudos to Ted for being a good sport and taking a chance on some unconventional ads.

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