roth and ramberg shoot for newfoundland and labrador tourism

Some of you may remember we did last years annual Roth and Ramberg calendar in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. We landed in St John’s and before we headed on the road, we paid a visit to the people at Target Marketing.  They’re the ad agency working on all those amazingly beautiful Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism ads. We told them of our plan to travel the province to photograph our calendar hoping they would follow our adventures on our blog. They did.

They liked the calendar so much they hired us to shoot some ads. The photos were for a series of magazine ads geared towards hunters and fishermen in the United States.

We got to hang with the local guides and hear all their stories… they even let us hold a gun.

A big thanks to the art director Jeff Mclean, the writer Terri Roberts and the videographer Christian for making this such a fun trip.




nfld fish.jpg nfld hunters.jpg

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Heather McRae
That is brilliant. And I don't even like hunting!

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