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roth and ramberg self promotion contest-want to see some of the ideas?

We’re having a contest! If you come up with the best idea for our 2012 self promotion calendar, then we bring you along all expenses paid. Deadline is June 1 but we will push it until June 3rd in case you want to submit more

Some entries so far

Isle of ...

roth and ramberg want to bring you with us to shoot our 2012 calendar


We don’t know where we’re going. Do you?

Tell us where to shoot our 2012 calendar and we’ll bring you with us.

Every year, we travel to an interesting place to shoot our Roth and Ramberg calendar. More importantly, we go to meet interesting people and listen to interesting stories ...

roth and ramberg shoot for ad rodeo posters

We were asked to donate some photography for the Ad Rodeo Anvil Awards, the annual advertising awards in Calgary.

AN ANVIL IDEA. You never know when it will hit you.’ Here are some rough initial sketches and the final ads along with some ‘behind the scenes’ video of the shoots.

anvil sketches.jpg

AnvilAwards2011_small-2lo res.jpg

AnvilAwards2011_small-3lo res.jpg

AnvilAwards2011_sidewalk_small lores.jpg

roth and ramberg in applied arts photo annual

The Applied Arts Photo Annual is out and we’re very pleased to have been selected in four different categories.

In the Portrait and Self Promotion categories we won with some photos from our ‘Off the Grid’ Calendar, which if you don’t know, is the 2011 version of our annual self promotion.

portrait series.jpg

ph-08-5 copy.jpg

The ...