roth and ramberg want to bring you with us to shoot our 2012 calendar


We don’t know where we’re going. Do you?

Tell us where to shoot our 2012 calendar and we’ll bring you with us.

Every year, we travel to an interesting place to shoot our Roth and Ramberg calendar. More importantly, we go to meet interesting people and listen to interesting stories. This year, we need your suggestions. And if your idea is the one we pick, then we want to take you along. And best of all, we’ll pick up the tab. From a weekend convention, to a unique neighbourhood, or even an undiscovered spot, where we go is up to you.

Things to consider:
- The people we photograph must speak English. We like to get to know our subjects.
- The trip will need to take place this spring, summer or early fall, but not between August 20th to September 23rd because we’re already booked then. Any special events you have in mind must work around those dates.
- The trip is usually around 5-10 days, including weekends.

How to enter:
Visit and submit your ideas before Wednesday, June 1, 2011. Once we chose a destination, we’ll contact the lucky winner to make travel arrangements.

We can’t wait to hear your ideas.

Dale and Michele


Jennifer Hall
I suggest a small town in Northern Alberta, called Sexsmith! This is my home town but it's also got some great history to it. Why shoot it for the Calendar? Main Street Sexsmith has maintained the "Old Fashioned" style buildings with the flat fronts - also they have a fantastic museum that could be utilized. Depending on timing of the trip the towns annual Chautauqua Day and parade is June 04! The turn out is amazing for this. The town celebrates it's history and dresses up for the occasion! Well that's my suggestion, hope you like it!
Joyce Byrne
Hi Dale and Michele! What about New Orleans? joyce
David Coates
I'd suggest PCL 101 leading north from San Fransisco to the Oregon border. Real characters, awesome environment. Great idea guys! Pick me!
Mariah Hendriksen
I have always thought the world renowned Royal Canadian Henley Regatta in St. Catharines Ontario. It is the LARGEST Regatta in Canada!!!!
Joyce Byrne
Speaking of cities in transition: Detroit. And not just for the architectural ruin porn, but for the interesting people working hard on urban renewal. See Lemonade: Detroit -
Remi Theriault
How about the Salton Sea? Only been once for 10 minutes but wanted to venture out for more. Great story behind the place and nice surrounding towns.
dave b
you have been east, west, north and south already. you've been off grid and on grid (vegas). i think the two directions left for you are up and down. i think underwater off the west coast is an interesting spot (or the salton sea - sounds cool) but up is also a fun idea. not nasa up, but the tops of mountains. i've been to potosi, bolivia which is pretty high, and a few folks there speak english, but not all. the regional battles are hilarious - everyone gets a helmet and you crash into each other after you get drunk. kind of like alberta without the helmets. perhaps somewhere high in canada would be good too - elkford, bc? wherever you go - have fun.
hi guys - here are a few suggestions for you: - windscape kite festival in swift current Saskatchewan in June. Lots of colorful kites and characters. - a road trip of all the "largest in the world" items that litter western Canada. I'm sure the caretakers of the egg, sausage ring, duck, teepee etc are interesting characters with neat stories. - espelette pepper festival in France. It's a pepper festival in little French town that balloons in size during the festival. MF can be your translator! - Universal ro
Oops - fat fingers on an ipad is tricky! - Universal royalty national pageant - this is the big kids beauty pageant in the states each year in the fall in Austin Texas. Weird parents galore! - dollywood or Graceland! - westminister dog show in new York - punkin chunkin world championships in Delaware. It's after Halloween and they compete by hurling pumpkins as far as possible in the air with wacky apparatuses - air guitar world championships in Oulu Finland. This would be interesting! - graffiti hall of fame in new York - there are new murals done every June so there would be lots of artists on hand. - us open sandcastle competition in San diego. Sand, sun, buckets and cool sculptures! - slab city in California. I think we've talked about this one before. Its rather similar to this years calendar as well so maybe not the best option. Have fun with this - I can't wait to hear what you decide to do - whatever it is, I know the photos will be great!
Kees Snyders
Keremeos BC is full of strange and interesting characters. Dubbed the Organic farm capital of canada (by the Village of Keremeos), organic farms, 8 wineries, two pubs, natural attractions like Cathedral Lakes national park. Lots of B&Bs to stay in. Heritage Grist mill from the 1800's. Whatever you guys decide, I'm sure you'll do it justice!
The world renowned, Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, in St Catharines, Ontario. Rowers come from all over the world.
Peter Gallagher
My wife and I spent two weeks driving the west coast of Newfoundland from Burgeo to St. Anthony. There's plenty of great people and great scenery.
Peter Gallagher
Northern Ethiopia. Rock Church, Old Orthodox Priests, Illustrated Manuscripts, Obelisks and an orthodox seminary on top of a stone butte accessible by rope only.
Let's go to Barbados! Apart from the beautiful beaches, you can fill your 2012 calendar with images from the Friday night Oistins Fish Fry. Locals and tourists love to go to the Oistins Fish market on a Friday evening. You grab a seat where you can on one of the picnic tables and go to one of the shacks to choose your plate of freshly cooked fish with macaroni and cheese, salad, and peas and rice. All the shacks have a little blackboard that tells you what fish is available. That keeps changing as fresh fish come in or other fish run out. Just pick up a bottle of Bajan rum and plastic cups at another shack and sit down and eat, drink, and enjoy Caribbean music. A great, inexpensive Caribbean experience. I am ready to share the experience!!!
Road trip. 12 pit stops along the Trans-Canada Highway. From Victoria to St. John's. Truck stops. Motels. Diners. Hitchhikers. Gypsies. Bikers. And their stories.
Hi R and R, I thin you should come north! Canada,s north that is! The Yukon Territory! From there you can pack up an RV and hit the famous Dempster Highway from Dawson City all the way up to Inuvik, NWT. and a short flight to the Beaufort Sea. You could photograph the range of travelers that come from all over the world to bike, drive and RV the road as well as locals that use the highway. There are only a couple of small communities along the way but there you'll meet First Nation families that have been in the region from before the highway was built in the 40's by the military. Grizzlies, caribou, and fly fishing for Arctic Grayling await you! Klondike Ho!
I'm going to be on a 7-day women's backpacking trip through the Sierra Club in mid-July. Location is just below Yosemite National Park. I won't know anyone on the trip as I'm going solo - so why not come with? :) Get to know different people coming together in the outdoors simply for the love of it. *Scenery, back-country experience and company are sure to be top-notch. As well as the food from what I hear!
Tripoli, Libya. I lived there for three years and could be your guide. If you need more details about, transportation, opportunities and resources we should discuss these in private.
Well I have one more suggestion. You were on an island on the Eastern side of the country so now lets go to the West. How about the Queen Charlotte Islands? It is beautiful county with mountains as a backdrop, water, whales, bears and isn't it a UNESCO world heritage site? It also has those wonderful totem poles and that would make some amazing photos in the moss covered trees and the mist giving it an eery sense of mystery of past Haida generations.
Lauren Heppell
Go on a craft brewery tour of the Southern United States! Start in southern California and wrap your way down through Arizona and New Mexico. Come back up through Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia. Such a great trade to photograph too. Great, interesting people, passionate about what they do and the landscape changes so drastically and beautifully in the American South.
Sue bird
Was reading article on the fallout zone of Chernobyl and how there are wild horses and some villagers still living and thriving in deserted towns. Would be am incredible journey with both of you.
The world has been impacted this year by numerous man made and natural events -- why not choose ONE and document the stories of resilience and survival. I would suggest Alabama and Georgia and the effects of the recent tornados; the tsunami in Japan; the fires in Slave Lake; and finally the economic crisis in Greece.
What about something to do with binary code since this year will have November 11th of 2011 (11-11-11). Something to do with Rememberance day? Vimy Ridge? A memorial somewhere? Various military museums accross Canada? Ed has a reunion this year in Edmonton? Dedicate your calendar to the veterans? Just a thought...

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