roth and ramberg self promotion contest-want to see some of the ideas?

We’re having a contest! If you come up with the best idea for our 2012 self promotion calendar, then we bring you along all expenses paid. Deadline is June 1 but we will push it until June 3rd in case you want to submit more

Some entries so far

Isle of Man during the TT race week in early June. Epic images of one of the longest running motorcycle road races in the world and equally enthralling people watching, all in a stunningly gorgeous environment.

How about Twin Days in Twinsburg, Ohio, Aug. 5-7? It’s the 36th anniversary and this year’s theme is Circus.
Yes, it’s a well-known gathering, but I don’t think it’s ever been properly shot. (National Geographic tried last year, but I know you can do better.)

Amber Valley Alberta.. the end of the line for the underground railroad.. very cool cultural significance.. not sure if there’s still a black community up there or what it looks like… also.. it’s not much of a trip… lol

Newfoundland - I’m on my way there for a holiday. Its my first time there, but from what I’ve researched, the scenery is unique, there is interesting marine life and the people are unbeliveably friendly. During June the icebergs and whales are easily seen. Considering that the Vikings also landed there is another plus

- Glass blowers/flame workers type of event Aug 8-13 Pennsylvania
this one has billed itself the “woodstock” for torch workers - interesting

Cheese rolling festival (england) / tuna tossing festival (australia) - my theory is wacky interesting people attend.

Yemen. what a better place to shoot then a war zone:)I have lots of connections, will provide us with armed security detail at all times.
Land of the Queen of Sheba, Oldest living city in the world, 5 UNESCO world heritage sites, the world’s first dam ….check it out….

You guys should go shoot in Yachats, Oregon. It’s a town of about 650 on the Oregon coast. Amazingly friendly people, set on the stunning Cape Perpetua. I just came back from a trip to Oregon and it left a mark on my memories - we meant to push on from there but stayed for days.

We buy ridiculous items from Kijiji and photograph the sellers, we then sell the ridiculous items back through Kijiji and photograph the buyers.

I think you should do a trip on the Desert Valley Auto Parts junk yards in Arizona. There are a number in the area, hundreds of acres with lots of very interesting “stuff”, cars, and people. . And, I’m pretty sure you could hit another one or two specialty yards while you are there.

I read an article in National Geographic from 2005 about the secrets to a long life. They highlighted three parts of the world that had the highest amount of centenarians per capita. One of those areas was in California, specifically, followers of Seventh Day Adventist’s. We could start there and make a road trip to other sunny destinations. Perhaps end in Texas. We will talk to people of differing, race, culture and religion. Their eccentric tales and words of wisdom, paired with their character rich faces, would make for an awesome calendar. So when do we leave? ;-)

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Heidi Ferguson
I think that you should go to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival in New Mexico October 1-9th. The photos would be amazing for colour, shapes etc. There is likely going to be all sorts of people there from all over the US and Canada. And maybe you could head over to Roswell, N.M. to see if you can find any aliens!!!
How about Ellesmere Island? It is Canada's 3rd largest Island and it most northern and the worlds 10th larges island. There are 3 settlements there and the total population is under 200 people. How interesting are those people who live in the most northern part of our country? How can they manage when my kids (or me for that matter) have a hard time without cell phones, internet and facebook? The northern lights would be amazing and let's get a first hand look at what the Icebergs are really doing? Are they melting and what do the locals have to say about it? Polar bears, white fox and rabbits, and a ruggedly beautiful landscape all in Canada. Let's do it!!
Ok this is going to be my last suggestion but I think we should go to Cortez Colorado. That way we can go to see the Awesome Cliff Dwellings at Mesa Verde (it looks amazing and interesting story), as well as Hovenweep and Canyons of the Ancients. Hire a Navajo Guide and get a real tour of Navajo Tribal Park and stay in Kayenta for some real Navajo food. Also within a day of there is MOAB and all of the red rock for a jeep tour or something. South of Cortez is Canyon de Chelly for more cliff dwellings and find out about the history of the Anasazi who were the ancients that built the cliffs. Some of the people who live in this area have been there for generations and I am sure we can find some interesting people and their stories. I have not been here but would love to pack up my camera and join you!

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