Posts from November, 2011 (3 posts)

roth and ramberg go industrial

We recently had a request to provide some black and white samples of industrial work that we’ve done. Along with advertising, shooting industrial photographs are just plain cool.

We’ve been doing this type of work for years and have gained the trust of our clients, thus they let us wander around ...

roth and ramberg on the road

This summer we spent 15 days on the road traveling all over Alberta, photographing ordinary people in their environments. The photos will be used in a campaign for ATB Financial. It was long days and tons of miles but a whole lot of fun.

The ad campaign is just beginning to ...

roth and ramberg and the longboard girls

While hanging out in the local skateboard shop, a young woman working there, named Anna, struck up a conversation. Turns out that she’s the first female longboarder in Calgary, having started seven years ago.

We always thought longboards were just a way for cool people to travel around the city. Boy ...