roth and ramberg and the sgian dubh maker

If you have one of our Roth and Ramberg calendars then you know it’s December and you should be looking at a photo of a man named Rab.

What’s a Sgian Dubh (pronounced skin-doo)? Well it’s a traditional knife worn in the sock of a kilt-wearing Scot.

Upload from July 16, 2011

Where do you find a Sgian Dubh maker? Well, in the hills overlooking Loch Ness, of course. There, a man named Rab Gordon, hand makes the beautiful knives. He lives in an old stone farmhouse with his wife and young son. Inside one of the many buildings is a workshop beyond imagination. Think Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, if you are old enough to know what that means.

Rab has a year long waiting list of people who want to own one of his pieces. Lucky for us, he took the time to be photographed in the driving rain and then share some of his whisky with us. Rab was the last person we photographed for our 2012 calendar. Soon after we made our way back to Edinburgh for our flight home. We miss Scotland and the people like Rab who made it a trip of a lifetime.


Isn't he the best? I've collaborated with Rab on several projects and enjoyed every one of them. I look forward to working with him for many years. Thanks again for the wonderful calendar, Dale and Michele. Please let me know if you do anything like this in the future! I hear there are Faeries in Ireland! Cheers, Ethan
Terence De Grussa
I was lucky enough to have found Rab to get my own Sgian Dubh made. It was a real work of art I am over the moon with the quality of the workmanship and attention to detail that has been accomplished. I cannot recommend Rab and Tanya enough for their help and advice during the planning stage. Brilliant.

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