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It’s July and time to turn the page. If you have our Roth and Ramberg calendar, then you know what to do.

When we first started planning for our trip to Scotland, we decided to stay in small villages near Loch Ness. After many years of shooting our calendar, we know the smaller the place, the more likely you will meet interesting people. The rooms were limited as the Scottish Open was going on the same time, however we did manage to find a place in a village named Drumnadrochit.

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We had no idea how to pronounce Drumnadrochit, but we discovered it was close to a couple of key places, including the Loch Ness Exhibiton Centre, Urqhart Castle and as it turned out, the most important discovery we could have made… a place called Fiddler’s Inn.

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The first evening in Drumnadrochit we wandered into Fiddler’s Inn and found the place to celebrate our travelling companion’s (Terri Roberts) birthday. We of course ordered whisky and birthday haggis, (some of the locals found the haggis with a candle a bit odd) and by the end of the night we knew we had found our Scottish Office for the trip.

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Fiddler’s Inn is owned by a man named Jon Beach. Jon is definitely a whisky expert. His Inn has won numerous awards for being the best whisky bar in Scotland. What better place to spend our evenings editing, blogging and sampling whisky from all across Scotland? If that wasn’t enough, Jon was key in helping us meet people who eventually ended up in the calendar, ‘Willie the Rat’ to name one.

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So if you want to read more about Jon and our adventures, then download our app and read all about the behind the scenes of our trip.


Jon is still our go-to-guy for anything Scottish or whisky. We hope to make it there to see him again, but if you beat us, stop in and say hi, better yet stay there at the Inn and explore the Loch.

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Thanks for the info here. I'll definitely check out that app. fiddlers inn is a really great place - I love it.

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