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roth and ramberg get 'naked in the house'

Recently I (Dale) had the opportunity to participate in an art project titled “Naked in the House”. A group of photographers participated in this project and the rules were quite simple. We each had 30 minutes and 10 polaroids to come up with 2 interesting photographs of a naked model… ...

roth and ramberg and the guttenberg press

No, we’re not talking about the printing press invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450. Although interesting… we think the town of Guttenberg has it beat as far as interest goes. 


Guttenberg is a sleepy little town located in Iowa. It’s nestled next to the Mississippi river and it’s ...

roth and ramberg shoot for rona

We recently had the opportunity to do some photography for some awesome people at Sid Lee (Montreal). The shoot was in Edmonton at a local Rona store. A few of the people from Sid Lee flew out ...

roth and ramberg want you to turn the page