It’s Roth and Ramberg’s 2014 Calendar Trip. Funny enough, we launched our adventure with a technical glitch. Apparently, hashtags cannot contain ampersands. Oops! Please use the hashtag above and let’s get on with it.

Tonight is the beginning of our ten days of shooting what we want. Our goal is always the same, seek out the most interesting locals and bring them to your desktop—your literal desktop of course. If you’re new to the party, we’re a couple of photographers based out of Calgary and Vancouver. Our photo-capturing journey encompasses over 20 years and every year we shoot a desk calendar for our industry friends with subjects that inspires us. We’ve been everywhere from Vegas to Loch Ness.

This year we decided on France. Not ‘France’ France, but those two tiny islands off the coast of Newfoundland called Saint Pierre and Miquelon. The great thing is they speak French, use Euros and probably make a mean baguette. We both speak a tiny bit of French, but probably not enough to get by. So we brought along our writer friend Elise Russell. She knows a little more French and more importantly can take care of the words, which allows us to focus on what we do best.

Follow our blog or twitter for behind the scenes of Saint Pierre and Miquelon. And if you’d like a copy of the calendar send an email and we’ll add you to the list.


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