roth and ramberg present 'Random Acts of Photography'

It’s that time of year- the launch of the annual Roth and Ramberg Calendar.

As commercial photographers, our job is to capture a moment ­­­­­- to document an instance that will never be repeated exactly the same way again. It’s about the details. The experience. Yes, we take pictures for a living, but we rarely put down our cameras down or stop looking at the world and what is happening endlessly around us.

This year’s calendar is titled Random Acts of Photography and the images inside are exactly that… random. Rather than showcasing our commercial work, we decided to show what inspires us to take photographs in our everyday world.

We worked with a talented team to bring it all together. The calendar was designed by Sue McGillivray from [e]merge creative and printed by Kallen Printing. Here is a behind-the-scenes video of the exceptionally complex printing/binding process and a sneak peek of some of the images.


Dale and Michele

   Random Acts of Photography Final from roth and ramberg on Vimeo.









Where can I get one? :)
Jane Edwards Griffin
Congratulations on producing the "job that could not be done"! The most creative outcomes are often those that start with massive challenges. Beautiful design and of course, imagery-supreme! Where can I get my hands on my own "Random Acts of Photography"?

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