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Roth & Ramberg Meet the Torngats

Day 11-14: Torngat Mountains National Park

Posted by Terri

(Day 11)


We woke up with the moon perched over Forteau at 5 o’clock in the morning. After ten days, 20-odd communities spread across three time zones, hundreds of photos, today we were heading to the Torngats.


We caught a flight from Blanc-Sablon ...

Roth & Ramberg Say Au Revoir to the South Coast

Day 10: Blanc-Sablon, Point Amour

Posted by Terri

Blanc-Sablon, Quebec

Dale and Michele had another early start. Thankfully, they were reunited with the sun, and chased it all over Blanc-Sablon and beyond.





After a quick breakfast, we drove to the end of the road in Vieux-Fort to find the other ...

Roth and Ramberg Meet the Fog

Day 9: Saint-Augustin, Quebec

Posted by Terri


As the day began, the magic light was nowhere to be found. Rather, we were greeted by fog. Being from the Island of Newfoundland, this was not a new concept to me. And if anything, we were surprised we had managed to outrun ...

Roth & Ramberg by Land, Sea & Air

Day 8: Harrington Harbour, Sept-Iles and Saint-Augustin

Posted by Terri


I woke up in Harrington Harbour at 5:30am, just as Dale and Michele were finishing up another sunrise shoot. Soon we were back at Jean’s for a great big homemade breakfast. As we ate, the fog rolled in and fastened ...

Roth & Ramberg Say Bonjour to the Quebec Lower North Shore

Day 7: Kegaska, Harrington Harbour

Posted by Terri

We spent the night in Blanc Sablon, Quebec. The fact that we’d crossed the border was not lost on us, especially at the grocery store, where you can find a bottle of rosé to go with your Camembert. That and the accents ...

Roth & Ramberg head South

DAY 6: Blanc Sablon, Labrador Straits

Posted by Terri


Though it wasn’t the promise of magical light that woke us at 5am today, we were still up before the sun. This time, to catch a flight all the way to Blanc Sablon to explore the scenic Labrador Straits.


We were joined ...

Roth and Ramberg and the carvers of Nain

Day 5: Nain

Posted by Terri

Upon the promise of early morning sunshine, Dale and Michele were up and on top of a mountain at 4:45am, like champions. Turns out it was a really good idea. The sunrise didn’t disappoint.








After a hearty breakfast we were joined by Isabella, our ...

Roth and Ramberg do 3 Flights and 2 Boats

DAY 4: Hopedale, Postville and Nain

Posted by Terri

After a quick weather check at 4:30am by Dale and Michele, we knew there would be no magic morning light in Hopedale, but there would be a magic morning flight straight to Postville. The fog had lifted, so we were travelling on.

We ...

Roth and Ramberg head to Hopedale

DAY 3: Makkovik and Hopedale

Posted by Terri

While I slept like a princess without a pea, Dale and Michele got up at 5am, beating the sun by a full half hour to catch the magic light over Makkovik. After some beautiful scenics of the harbour, they wandered over to the fish plant ...

Roth and Ramberg hit the North Coast

DAY 2: Rigolet and Makkovik

Posted by Terri


We started the day just before sunrise and managed to squeeze in a few last snaps in the pretty morning light before we took off to Rigolet. 


We landed in light rain and heavy black flies. But we came packing with three ...

Roth & Ramberg teams up with Air Labrador for Big Land Adventures

Go big or go home. Every year, we try to find a new, exciting location to shoot our annual calendar. But this year, we really wanted to go big. We couldn’t think of anywhere bigger than Labrador. After all, it’s not called the Big Land for nothing.