roth and ramberg connect the dots

10 Days, 365 photos. We’re shooting our 2015 calendar in New York City… one photo for every day of the year.

Day 9 and 10 -  The End

Today and tomorrow we are literally connecting the dots. We’ve had a few places on our map that we’ve wanted to check off the list. Today… MOMA, the Ghostbusters firehall, the view from Rockefeller, and Radio City at night. Tomorrow… sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge. We fly out tomorrow afternoon. Although we may not have taken a big bite out of The Apple, we feel we got a pretty good taste.

R&R loves NYC

roth and ramberg travel to the bronx

10 Days, 365 photos. We’re shooting our 2015 calendar in New York City… one photo for every day of the year.

Day 8 - The Bronx

Today we ventured into the last of the five boroughs - The Bronx. Whenever a film is based in New York City and they want it to look dangerous and decayed then they film it in The Bronx. Who can forget the cult movie ‘The Warriors’ or the restaurant in ‘The Godfather’. We’re here to say The Bronx has an unnecessary bad rap. We’re sure there are parts that might be scary at night like any other city, but we found people to be warm and friendly. The community is revitalizing with some great areas. We hooked up with a proud local resident named Alexandra who has taken it upon herself to change The Bronx image. We think she’ll succeed.

roth and ramberg go island hopping

10 Days, 365 photos. We’re shooting our 2015 calendar in New York City… one photo for every day of the year.

Day 7 - Manhattan, Staten and Roosevelt Islands

Today was the day to tackle Staten Island. We got up at sunrise and made our way down to the famous Staten Island ferry. A beautiful orange ferry boat that does the trip to and from Manhattan 109 times a day. It’s free and gives great views of the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan. We spent a good part of the day wandering and shooting. We headed back to the big city, caught a subway, then a rickshaw, then finally a tram that goes to Roosevelt Island. That’s right, a tram. The tram moves people back and forth from 6am to 2am. We managed to get a great sunset and ate a delicious sushi dinner before heading back to our hotel.








roth and ramberg and the dog days of summer

10 Days, 365 photos. We’re shooting our 2015 calendar in New York City… one photo for every day of the year.

Day 6 - Manhattan

The weather is hot and muggy and even though Manhattan keeps beating us down, we keep fighting back. This morning we got up before sunrise and wandered around Chinatown and Little Italy. The rest of the day we worked our way uptown to Central Park and finished it all off in Time Square talking to an almost naked cowboy. Early to bed and early to rise. Tomorrow Staten Island.

roth and ramberg in the heart of it

10 Days, 365 photos. We’re shooting our 2015 calendar in New York City… one photo for every day of the year.

Day 5 - Manhattan

We love NY and now we’re in the heart of it. We’re in a tiny hotel in Chinatown with two kid size beds and a giant bathroom - perfect really. Today we arrived early to Manhattan and had breakfast with a friend and photo inspiration Steve Simon - a true journalist and lover of photography. After giving us some suggestions as to where to shoot, we headed down to the financial district. At lunch we met the owner of the restaurant we ate at. She took us on a tour of her nearby apartment, as well as neighbourhood. Then the two of us headed to the beautiful and touching 911 Memorial. We walked over 25,000 step yet again.

Tomorrow, back out at sunrise.




roth and ramberg get their feet wet

10 Days, 365 photos. We’re shooting our 2015 calendar in New York City… one photo for every day of the year.

Day 4 - Brooklyn & Queens

We began early morning at the Brooklyn Flea Market. An incredible market with wicked stuff. (Needless to say we have a UPS shipment that will be heading north.) Next stop, Rockaway Beach, a 1.5 hour subway ride to go surfing… that’s right, surfing at the most southern tip of Queens. Last stop, Astoria in the northwest part of Queens for some Thai food and wandering around shooting the neighborhood. We took a cab back and the sunset was incredible so we shot right out of the cab window. Like we said… stellar.





roth and ramberg jump boroughs

10 Days, 365 photos. We’re shooting our 2015 calendar in New York City… one photo for every day of the year.

Day 3 - Brooklyn to Queens

Today we jumped boroughs. We started off in a slice of hipster heaven in the heart of Brooklyn called Williamsburg. After too many beards and bicycles we hopped the subway to Queens to check out our first Major League baseball game. Go Mets!

roth and ramberg revisit coney island

10 Days, 365 photos. We’re shooting our 2015 calendar in New York City… one photo for every day of the year.

Day Two - Brooklyn

What better place to shoot on a rainy day than Coney Island. We know this because we shot our entire 2008 calendar there. We even tracked down a couple of our photo subjects from way back when. Paul, who is now retired, still hangs out at ‘Paul’s Daughters’, a food vendor right on the boardwalk. Also a guy named Micheal (shown below), who even after all these years, remembered the name ‘roth and ramberg’. 

Great day of shooting and back to the streets of Brooklyn tomorrow. 

Dale and Michele



july 4<span class='ord'>th</span> grouping.jpg

A shot of the Apple a day.

We’re going to slice New York City 365 different ways. 
Our 2015 calendar shoot starts July 3 in Brooklyn.
This year we’re doing things a bit differently and making our calendar all about the photos—that’s a unique shot for every day of the year. Something tells us we’ll be glad 2015 isn’t a leap year because 366 shots in ten days would be one too many.
Follow along as we capture Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. As usual, we’ll be posting a blog—but this year it’ll be photos only, showcasing rough shots from every day of our ten-day trip.

Dale and Michele

roth and ramberg meet Roger

It’s the beginning of June and if you have a Roth and Ramberg calendar you’ll be looking at a wonderfully friendly looking man. His name is Roger Etcheberry.

rr2188_2942 copy.jpg

Roger lives in Miquelon, a tiny community that is part of a bigger archipelago called St Pierre and Miquelon. It’s a colony owned by France but is located just off the southern coast of Newfoundland. It’s the real deal as far as France goes; french-speaking, Euros, 220 voltage, and alogn with French food and wine. Truly one of the hidden gems in North America!

Unknown-1 copy.png

rr2188_2218 copy.jpg

We arrived at Roger’s home and we were greeted with a giant welcome. He began talking. We were enthralled with our conversation with Roger. He is a self-taught naturalist with drawers and shelves full of books, plant samples, photographs of whales (apparently every whale is different and you can tell which whale you are looking at by the markings of their tails).  As with most naturalists?? he’s more comfortable walking around in bare feet so that’s exactly how we wanted to photograph him.

rr2188_2427 copy.jpg

He is a passionate advocate for St Pierre and Miquelon and if you ever have the opportunity to go there and visit we can guarantee Roger will greet you with big smile and a story or two.

If you would like a calendar send us an email. If you want to read more about Roger and our adventures in St Pierre and Miquelon then you can download our free app and free magazine…or click here for the desktop version.