roth and ramberg and their annual calendar trip

It’s with a bit of a heavy heart that we are leaving to go photograph our annual Roth and Ramberg Calendar. Many of our friends and neighbours were affected by the recent flooding in Southern Alberta. We were affected, to a minor degree, and are thankful and feel fortunate it was minimal. It’s a tough time to leave, but we have decided to forge ahead. We will make our announcement tomorrow as to where we are going and how to follow along.

Perhaps we can bring a smile to your face with our travel adventures, maybe your day will get a bit brighter seeing some photographs that we are taking. In any event we look forward to our trip. In a few weeks, all those small businesses, like ours, are going to need some support. We look forward to having lunch at our favorite Montreal deli, buying groceries at the market across the street, having a latte at the local coffee shop, and buying more macarons from our favorite patisierre.

Our photoshop whiz Geoff will be on hand to take care of any files needed etc.

Take care

Dale and Michele

roth and ramberg update their website

Never ones to sit still, we thought our website needed a change. The old one was fine, I mean nice big photos, clean layout that sort of thing…however it seemed a bit boring. We’ve always been active promoting our work on our blog, or twitter, or instagram but they are all sort of randomly out there. Not really organized in any way.

Well we think we’ve done that now! If you go to the landing page you see a slide show of some of our recent work. The thought being if you dont like our style you dont have to waste your time going further (ie if architecture shots are what you are looking for, we are not the right fit). Also we have our address, phone number and email front and center, to us there is nothing worse than trying to find contact information buried in a website.

The biggest addition is the chaos underneath all that. If you like twitter we’ve got that. If you like blogs the link is there. Instagram link and the last four photos we posted. Vimeo link if youre interested in behind the scenes, 500 px which is where we put our travel photos. There’s also our app which is free to download. Our latest Roth and Ramberg Calendar. Roth and Ramberg, list of our swag, Linked in, facebook, even our photo gear.

To check it out

web homepage.jpg

Its all a bit overwhelming but we know you can handle it. Its meant to be fun, just like we are. So send us a note tell us what you think, follow us on whatever media you like and check back once in awhile to see whats happening at Roth and Ramberg.

roth and ramberg get a rep

It’s been a while since we had a rep. Anna Goodson was our previous rep. She’s not reping anymore, instead she’s pursuing the Meat Market.

As usual, these things just sort of happen, and this time it happened quickly. We had heard of a woman named Gina Hole before, but not in her new capacity of running THEY Rep. Anyway, she recently contacted us about recommending us for a job she was quoting on. One thing led to another and now she officialy our rep.

What does that mean for you? Well, since she is the queen of production that means if needed, we have the capability to manage any size job, pretty much all across the country. Whether it is locations, models, makeup, studios, props, even motorhomes, then Gina knows where to get them. That frees us up to concentrate even more on getting the best photograph possible.

Give her a call, or give us a call and we can manage any project big or small.


roth and ramberg say it's not impossible

If you haven’t heard, there is a new company called Impossible made up of 10 former Polaroid employees. They started Impossible after Polaroid went out of business. They managed to save the last Polaroid production plant, located in the Netherlands. Now they make Polaroid-type products as well as totally new instant films.

Among the rescued production machinery was the one that makes 8 x 10 polaroid. Now this kind of intrigued us because we were taught on 4 X 5 cameras in our first semester in photo school. The 4 X 5 and 8 X 10 cameras are called view cameras. They consist of a lens, bellows and place to hold the film. No fancy electronics, just a straight up box. It’s the vintage camera that you have to put a cape over your head to see the image on the glass viewer. Oh, and the image you see though the camera is upside down and laterally reversed, just to make it even more meticulous.




Even though they’re designed mainly for product and architecture, we’ve always like photographing people on our large format cameras. The trick is the subjects have to stay still while you compose, focus, close the camera, load the film and then finally press the shutter. As you can imagine, doesn’t lend itself to sports.

We managed to track down some Impossible film and an 8 X 10 camera, along with the very heavy but portable machine that magically processes the film. All you have to do is slip the exposed piece of film into the machine along with a clear envelope. Then press the button and in seconds is shoots out the other end. Then you wait four minutes for the image to develop. Instant… but not quite as instant as we’re all used to now shooting digitally. There are many things that can go wrong with the process, but that’s what makes it fun.

Here are some of the photos taken.





roth and ramberg discover wind power

If you have a Roth and Ramberg Calendar, as you flip over to June, you will realize the type of wind power we’re talking about. This is our 20th self promotion calendar and the theme this year was “What’s yer 20?” which is the CB radio term for “What’s your location?” We flew to Chicago and drove to Walcott, Iowa. Why Walcott? Well, it’s home to the world’s largest truckstop, of course.


This is a long haul trucker named MJ Vaughn (CB Handle-Firestarter) and he is one of 20 truckers we photographed at the Truckers Jamboree in Walcott, Iowa this past summer. Since it was our 20th calendar we thought it appropriate to shoot just 20 truckers to see what we could come up with. 


2013_high_r1-27 copy.jpg

Now, on the other side of the calendar is a photograph of a guy named Wynton Roetlin. We met Wynton somewhere in the middle of Iowa when he pulled over to find out just why we were parked in his long driveway taking photographs.


Within minutes he was posing for the camera. Then he gave us a tour of his farm, and afterward, a visit to his ultimate man-cave which was a few miles down the road.


If you want to read more about these two characters and our roadtrip, then you can dowloand our free app . Also there are behind the scenes of the past three Roth and Ramberg calendars. Oh, and if you need a calendar, well, there are a few left just drop us a line.

magazine spread.jpg

roth and ramberg go to the zoo

Recently we had the opportunity to take some photographs at the Calgary Zoo. Ad agency Trigger and the Calgary Zoo are rolling out a new campaign and needed some shots of kids falling in love with the penguins and gorillas. Art Director Brian Allen sent over some sketches to give us the general idea. We had to source talent and clothing, as well as hair and makeup.



We scouted the zoo a few days before to get the best location. For the penguins, it was right in the middle of the action, shooting from where the penguins hang out back to where the people view. In the gorilla’s case, we didn’t have the luxury of standing where the gorillas were, but there was an overlook that worked just fine.

We did a behind the scenes video just so you could get a feel for what went on. It turns out that the penguins are quite friendly.

roth and ramberg go to the zoo from roth and ramberg on Vimeo.

Here are the final photos, hearts included. 



roth and ramberg in Applied Arts Photography Annual

We are pleased to say we have won 4 awards in the Photography Annual. Even better, we won for 4 different projects!


First up was an ad for London Barbers which won for Advertising Photography Single.

This was a fun concept dreamt up by the talented crew at Trigger. Ad agency: Trigger, Art Direction: Brian Allen, Creative Director: Todd Blevins, Writer: Jordon Lawson 

  • Upload from May 08, 2012

Next up, a series of portraits for MacLaren McCann and their client Bayer Crop Science. The category was Portrait Series.

This job was perfect for us, real people on location. We had the awesome opportunity to travel across the country and meet some honest, hard working farmers. Ad agency: MacLaren McCann, Creative Direction: Mike Meadus, Art Direction: Alex Van Der Breggan, Writer: Noel Blix




Next up, a little self-promotion we did telling our Calgary clients we now have a Vancouver Office if they are looking for some ‘green grass’.

This idea was from the brain of Brad Connell from WAX. Ad Agency: WAXArt Direction: Brad Connell, Creative Direction: Trent Burton, Writing: Chris Lihou


And finally our 2013 ‘What’s Yer 20?’ calendar won for the category of Complete Calendar. Thanks to Sue McGillivray for Design, Kallen Printing for printing and Dana Prediger for writing.







roth and ramberg say bye bye Miss American Pie

It’s May 1st and if you have a Roth and Ramberg 2013 desk Calendar then you should be flipping it over to the month of May. On one side is Beth Howard, America’s Pie Lady. On the other side, a black and white photograph of a smiling, one armed man.

We met America’s Pie Lady, Beth Howard, at the American Gothic Centre in Eldon, Iowa. Well, actually she lives in the old house next door to the American Gothic Centre. America Gothic is the very famous painting we’re sure everyone has seen. As we learned, it depicts a father and daughter standing in front of a house. The artist, Grant Wood used his sister and his dentist as models for the painting. The dentist took a little convincing, but he agreed as long as no one would recognize him. It turns out everyone recognized him and he didn’t speak to Grant Wood for many years, until Wood was on his deathbed… or at least that’s how the story goes.

Upload from July 10, 2012

Now who told us this story? Well, Rosie and Allen of course, the lovely couple who volunteer at the American Gothic Centre. The actual house used in the painting is owned by the State, but is rented out to private individuals. In this case, a woman by the name of Beth Howard lives there, and she loves pies. We mean REALLY loves pies!

2013_high_r1-12 copy.jpg

She’s written a book about her life and love of pie and just how she ended up living in the American Gothic House. Her website is if you want to give it a look! 


If you dowload our free app you can read the entire story of just how we ended up in Eldon, Iowa. How Rosie and Allen let us into the exhibit after it had closed. How we spent the evening with this great couple and also how they arranged a meeting with America’s Pie Lady, and also a private viewing of the wonderful opera house that was being restored in downtown Eldon.



eldon 2.jpg

The one-armed man; he is part of a series of black and white photos we took at the World’s Largest Truckstop in Walcott, Iowa. Tim Miller was one of many people showing off his customized truck at the Annual Truckers Jamboree. We set up a makeshift photo studio and since this was our 20th calendar we photographed the first 20 truckers we could find.

2013_high_r1-11 copy.jpg

2013_high_r1-27 copy.jpg

roth and ramberg throw a pre-anvil party


We’re throwing a pre-anvil party for all the naughty kids. That way you can get a little buzz on before the real party starts… just like back when you were in school. Feel free to bring your troublemaker friends and drop on by.

Imperial Lofts Building
220-11 Ave SE, Suite 406
Calgary, AB
Friday, April 12th

Dale & Michele

roth and ramberg behind the scenes

Our friends at Wax asked us to photography some Enbridge employees for a Sustainability report. They wanted studio shots on a greyish background and shot in black and white. We set up a day ahead to make sure the lighting was how we wanted it. 


It gave us the perfect opportunity to use our Hasselblad camera and the Phocus software that comes with it. One of the best things about the software is the ability to put a layout onto the photo to make sure there is room for type. But, even better, Phocus has an free app. Everyone on set could download it on their iPhone or iPad. The client can sit back and view the photos as we shoot. Hair and makeup can check to make sure all is good. Stylist can see the lighting and the clothing. What do we use it for? Well we can control the shutter from our phone and change the exposure accordingly.



 Here is a little behind the scenes video and a few of the final portraits.