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roth and ramberg in Applied Arts Photography Annual

We are pleased to say we have won 4 awards in the Photography Annual. Even better, we won for 4 different projects!


First up was an ad for London Barbers which won for Advertising Photography Single.

This was a fun concept dreamt up by the talented crew at Trigger. Ad agency: Trigger,  ...

roth and ramberg score a hat trick in applied arts

We just got the official word. We’re happy to say our photos from our Loch Ness Calendar won a few awards in the Applied Arts Photography Annual.

We got two awards for series and the third award for complete calendar.

Upload from May 04, 2012

Upload from May 04, 2012

Thanks to all those helped and all the people we met over there.

roth and ramberg in applied arts photo annual

The Applied Arts Photo Annual is out and we’re very pleased to have been selected in four different categories.

In the Portrait and Self Promotion categories we won with some photos from our ‘Off the Grid’ Calendar, which if you don’t know, is the 2011 version of our annual self promotion.

portrait series.jpg

ph-08-5 copy.jpg

The ...

roth and ramberg profiled on applied arts website


Applied Arts Magazine just did a profile story about us and our work. Our thanks to Alison Garwood-Jones for writing a great article. And thanks Applied Arts! Read the article here.

Dale & Michele

applied arts magazine winner

Last year we shot a fun and technically challenging job for Sid Lee/Montreal and their client Pratt and Whitney. The trick was to create a snowstorm in May. Thanks to our proximity to the Rocky Mountains and a carefully placed leaf blower, it turned out to be not too ...

spring time in antarctica



Anna Goodson gave us a call and asked if we could create the look of Antarctica for an ad Sid Lee was working on for Pratt & Whitney.  The concept was a severe snowstorm with two lonely figures attempting to cross the frozen ground.  Of course we said ...