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featured on communication arts home page

The work we shot for WAX Partnership for the Calgary International Film Festival was featured on the Communication Arts website. Thanks Brad, Brian, Scott and Joe!

comm arts.jpg

roth and ramberg shoot calgary film fest ads

We got a call from our friends at Wax who were doing the Calgary International film festival campaign. They sent over the initial sketches and we quickly jumped on board.

ciff layout.jpg 

As a group, we found some locations around Calgary. A corporate video shoot, an editing suite, and even the set ...

roth and ramberg in archive magazine


We worked with Brad Connell, Kelsey Horne  and Nick Asik (Taxi) on some ads for custom-made wallpaper produced locally in Calgary by ABL Imaging. Now it’s in the latest issue of Archive Magazine!!


giant wallpaper




Forget scenes of forests or the beaches of Hawaii, now you can now make your own customizable wallpaper of whatever you can dream up.  The challenge was to somehow get across that idea in a photo.  Brad and Kelsey from Taxi worked together with ABL to ...