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my name is mike

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Dale, Michele and Robyn are out, my name’s Mike and I’d love to fill you all in on the nights festivities.  The evening was very productive, we….

Watched a ruggedly handsome 50 year old man do a striptease, were invited to a local wedding and asked about a boat ...

my name is earl


Our pickup is now officially named Earl and boy did he prove to be a valuable asset today.

We headed out for breakfast at the shed, and on our way we approached two people walking down the road loaded with backpacks and bags. They hopped in the back of Earl ...

scouting and lessons learned


It’s amazing what you can learn in a day and sometimes it’s not what you think or want. Since we arrived here, we quickly discovered we needed to tread lightly. The people who live here have their own version of utopia and we certainly don’t want to ruin it for ...

roth and ramberg are officially off the grid


Dale Roth and Michele Ramberg are officially off the grid.

First a quick background for those who don’t know. We are commercial photographers who, every year, take a photo trip. This year we brought along our assistant Robyn to help. The purpose of the trip is to photograph our annual ...

roth and ramberg does burlesque

…well, not us per se.

capital city burlesque four.jpg

We had the pleasure of working on a fun project with the Capital City Burlesque Troop. They needed some individual photos for postcards and posters and we were excited to help.

We had the luxury of watching some rehearsals and got to meet everyone which made the ...

another award from capic xpose


We’ve had several photos accepted in to Xpose, the CAPIC National Photography Show, being shown at the Toronto Contact Photography festival.  The show is on display in Toronto from May 1-8th at Artscape Wychwood Barns at 601 Christie Street. Drop by if you’re in the neighbourhood. If not, here ...

roth and ramberg in graphis


Two of our favorite photos from our 2009 Texas Road Trip were included in the 2010 Graphis Photography Annual. The annual is a beautifully printed hardcover book that is distributed worldwide.


 The first photo is of two barbers in a little Texas town. Apparently it wasn’t their first time being photographed. According ...

cod tongues and other stories

Well it’s finally done. The Roth and Ramberg 2010 Calendar is out. We had a fantastic trip to Newfoundland and met some awesome people. If you’d like a copy shoot us an email


This is a fellow by the name of Bill Mercer and we met him the second day on our ...

roth and ramberg in communication arts

Another month, another award!!


Roth and Ramberg are in the latest issue of Communication Arts Photography Annual. It was a photo done for DDB as part of Syncrude Canada’s “Dream Bigger” campaign. Thanks to Eva and Howard from DDB and of course Mark from Syncrude. 


 Who doesn’t love big trucks!!!

roth and ramberg in archive magazine


We worked with Brad Connell, Kelsey Horne  and Nick Asik (Taxi) on some ads for custom-made wallpaper produced locally in Calgary by ABL Imaging. Now it’s in the latest issue of Archive Magazine!!


the party is over...


We finally got Maggie home and back up on her blocks in Portugal Cove. Tired and dirty, we had a bit of a sleep in but were up early enough to drive around Portugal Cove. We were pretty sure we had enough shots for the calendar but perhaps there was ...

dildo days


 We overnighted in Square Pond campground, mainly due to their wi-fi connection. Another long night plowing through the video, blog, etc.

 The average bedtime is about 2:30 am. Usually we have a few cocktails while we work. Best guess so far for alcohol consumed: two bottles of Old Sam ...

we got crabs


 It’s nearing the end of our journey. One of the many great things about Newfoundlanders is their generosity. Not only do they invite you into their homes, or sheds, or driveways, many give you something in return. We’ve managed to disrupt the daily routines of many on this trip and ...

fogo island


 We pulled in late last night onto Fogo Island. Friends of friends of Mark’s live at the far end of the island in a town named Tilting. One quick call to Cathy and Joe and we are invited over. We hit the scene close to 10:30pm. We ask Cathy ...

another perfect day


 We heard the sounds of the icebergs breaking all night long. We decided to get an early start to the day for a change. Loading video, working on the blog, facebook, twitter etc. takes a long time. That of course would be fine if Rogers coverage wasn’t non-existent outside St ...