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roth and ramberg and the other france

Bonne année!

In July of 2013 we headed to France to photograph our 2014 calendar. You’re imagining us flying across the Atlantic to get there aren’t you? Well, France is closer than you think. In fact, it’s only 20km south of Newfoundland. That’s right, we went to the other France. The ...

roth and ramberg in Archives top Advertising Photographers 2014

We were thrilled to be chosen as one of the Top 200 Advertising Photographers (2014) by Lurzers Archive.


After submitting some photos, they chose one of our favorites. A photo we did for Travel Alberta last year! This particular photograph was shot from a helicopter and we were able to find ...

roth and ramberg go to the zoo (lights)

Our good friends at Trigger were putting together a campaign for the Calgary Zoo. Every year the Zoo sets up an incredible display of 1.5 million Christmas Lights for all to come see. Zoolights, as it is called, is a very popular family event and it gathers thousands every ...

roth and ramberg shoot the mayor


On Halloween we photographed Calgary’s Mayor Nenshi for Macleans Magazine’s list of Canada’s most important people. Not only was it a treat to photograph him, but after the shoot he gave us some Halloween candy. His assistant was dressed in a tiger costume, which added to the ambiance. It ...

roth and ramberg say its okay to play with your food

Jeff at Calder Bateman in Edmonton wanted to know if we could shoot some still life shots for the Edmonton Christmas Bureau. Of course we said yes! He sent over the sketches:





Fortunately for us Nicola Pringle (art director) is an incredible artist so all we had to provide was dishes ...

roth and ramberg flick a lighter for the calgary folk festival

CS_FolkFest ProgramAd_Lighter-900px.jpg

The Calgary Folk Music Festival is filling the city with music all weekend long. Our long time client Field Law proudly supports the festival and many other community events. We shot their ad with David Landreth at DDB.

Now go enjoy the music…

Roth et Ramberg finir avec le style

Roth et Ramberg finir avec le style!

The first thing we did this morning was get gas—over 100 Euros of it. A 2003 Ford Explorer fuel tank holds about 85 litres and this morning our tank gulped down 80. Not sure if that’s luck or karma, but we’ll take it.




roth et ramberg poussent a la finition


Today was day ten of our adventure in Saint Pierre and Miquelon. It was also Bastille Day, formally called La Fête Nationale, the biggest holiday of the year. Add that to the language barrier, and sourcing models gets more challenging. We had to be more strategic because working on normal ...

Roth et Ramberg sont comme les locaux

We managed a handful of notable accomplishments today.

1. Squeezed in a photoshoot at the bakery before catching the 9:30am ferry back to Saint Pierre.


2. Dale used the word ‘vert’ correctly. Unfortunately, it was to describe the colour of Elise’s face during the ferry ride back to Saint Pierre. The ...

Roth et Ramberg expérience le vent de la mer

Thankfully our faces have sun kissed glows from yesterday, because today isn’t nearly as nice. In fact, it doesn’t really feel like summer at all. When the wind blows in off the water, the temperature drops considerably. Chilly temperatures and wind aren’t great for taking photos, but overcast skies tend ...

roth et ramberg arriver au paradis

Although it’s called Saint Pierre and Miquelon, there is also Langlade. The town of Langlade is a summer community for people from Saint Pierre. About 600 people relocate here for the warm months, but nobody stays through the winter. Miquelon on the other hand is the same size, but everyone ...

Roth et Ramberg aiment les français

In case of emergency dial 1-8, there’s no 9-1-1 in Saint Pierre. This morning we met our friend Joël for a private tour of the local fire hall, the only one on the island. We’d met Joël playing guitar beside his wife’s organic grocery shop on Saturday. He’s in a ...

roth and ramberg obtenir une voiture

Today we did a happy dance. Or at least we would have, if we weren’t sitting on nice leather seats driving through the countryside. To fully appreciate this moment, one must know where it began.
It started after we got the Ford Explorer unstuck, which was just after we ...

roth et ramberg gravir une montagne

Roth et Ramberg gravir une montagne!

It’s Sunday and since most shops are closed we seized the opportunity to sleep in a bit. Our room is a cozy ‘family’ room with two beds and a pullout couch. The only downside is that Dale saws logs, so we end up dreaming of ...

Roth et Ramberg se faire des amis!

Apparently it’s tough to go unnoticed in a town of 6000 residents, we’re already running into people we know. Of course, we’re using the term ‘know’ very loosely, but by the amount of things we’ve learnt about them it feels that way. That’s all part of small community charm and ...