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Roth et Ramberg sont arrivés


We’ve landed in Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Apparently most people arrive by ferry, but since we’re super classy folks we flew. The flight from St. John’s was only about 45 minutes and once onboard we were enclosed in France. This left Dale and Michele tongue tied as they quickly ...


roth and ramberg are going to France... sort of

France, like you’ve never seen or even heard of.


We’ve always wanted to do France for the calendar, but that always seemed a bit cliche for us. Luckily ...

roth and ramberg get a rep

It’s been a while since we had a rep. Anna Goodson was our previous rep. She’s not reping anymore, instead she’s pursuing the Meat Market.

As usual, these things just sort of happen, and this time it happened quickly. We had heard of a woman named Gina Hole before, but ...

roth and ramberg say it's not impossible

If you haven’t heard, there is a new company called Impossible made up of 10 former Polaroid employees. They started Impossible after Polaroid went out of business. They managed to save the last Polaroid production plant, located ...

roth and ramberg go to the zoo

Recently we had the opportunity to take some photographs at the Calgary Zoo. Ad agency Trigger and the Calgary Zoo are rolling out a new campaign and needed some shots of kids falling in love with the penguins and gorillas. Art Director Brian Allen sent over some sketches to give ...

roth and ramberg in Applied Arts Photography Annual

We are pleased to say we have won 4 awards in the Photography Annual. Even better, we won for 4 different projects!


First up was an ad for London Barbers which won for Advertising Photography Single.

This was a fun concept dreamt up by the talented crew at Trigger. Ad agency: Trigger,  ...

roth and ramberg say bye bye Miss American Pie

It’s May 1st and if you have a Roth and Ramberg 2013 desk Calendar then you should be flipping it over to the month of May. On one side is Beth Howard, America’s Pie Lady. On the other side, a black and white photograph of a smiling, one armed man ...

roth and ramberg want you to turn the page

It’s March 1st and if you have a Roth and Ramberg Calendar then it is time to flip it over. This year was our 20th calendar, thus the theme ‘Whats Yer 20’ was born. It documented our road trip from Chicago to Walcott, Iowa. A drive that would ...

roth and ramberg and the guttenberg press

No, we’re not talking about the printing press invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450. Although interesting… we think the town of Guttenberg has it beat as far as interest goes. 


Guttenberg is a sleepy little town located in Iowa. It’s nestled next to the Mississippi river and it’s ...

roth and ramberg shoot for rona

We recently had the opportunity to do some photography for some awesome people at Sid Lee (Montreal). The shoot was in Edmonton at a local Rona store. A few of the people from Sid Lee flew out ...

roth and ramberg want you to turn the page

roth and ramberg mail out the 2013 'what's yer 20' calendar


2013 marks our 20th annual Roth and Ramberg calendar. 

Watch your mailbox. The ‘What’s yer 20?’ calendar will be arriving soon. 

Can’t wait to get the printed version? Go to our website to see the photos now. And you can download the Roth and Ramberg app to ...

roth and ramberg and the sgian dubh maker

If you have one of our Roth and Ramberg calendars then you know it’s December and you should be looking at a photo of a man named Rab.

What’s a Sgian Dubh (pronounced skin-doo)? Well it’s a traditional knife worn in the sock of a kilt-wearing Scot.

Upload from July 16, 2011

Where do you find a ...

roth and ramberg play catch up (4 of 5)

We’re getting near the end of our series. If you’ve missed the beginning ones, read them here.

This post is about some work we did with Maclaren McCann Vancouver and their client, First Calgary Financial. We shot a series of three ads which show just how much First Calgary is ...