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roth and ramberg ask "is it really all craaaapppp?"

July 10 - posted by Terri Roberts

It isn’t every morning you start off at a castle but this was one such morning. Urquhart Castle is just a few miles down the road from Drum. Its first known visitor was Saint Columba more than 1400 years ago, though I doubt he ...

roth and ramberg go to whisky school

July 9 (and the wee hours of July 10). - posted by Terri Roberts

After a lengthy sleep (jet lag induced, not booze), we headed out in search of Nessie, or those who may have encountered her.

Our first stop just was down the very lush and leafy road, in a little ...

roth and ramberg say hello Scotland

Upload from July 08, 2011

Thursday, July 7 - Posted by Terri Roberts

And we’re off….

We all met up in Edinburgh last night after a couple of red eyes across the pond.

It’s a spectacular city, complete with bagpipers on virtually every corner (including a particularly talented fellow doing a killer version of Thunderstuck), statues, monuments, ancient ...

roth and ramberg out standing in the field

Summer is here… what does that mean for a photographer? Hopefully it means your clients will have the time and budget to do all those photographs that need to be done while the weather cooperates. This job was a perfect example of the client knowing exactly what they need and ...

roth and ramberg in pdn photo annual



The PDN Photography Annual from New York selected our ‘fur burger’ shot done for the VaJayJay Monologues poster as a winner in the advertising category.

A big thanks to Darcy Twarog from TAXI for bringing us in on this project… we had a lot of laughs while shooting.

roth and ramberg want to bring you with us to shoot our 2012 calendar


We don’t know where we’re going. Do you?

Tell us where to shoot our 2012 calendar and we’ll bring you with us.

Every year, we travel to an interesting place to shoot our Roth and Ramberg calendar. More importantly, we go to meet interesting people and listen to interesting stories ...

roth and ramberg in applied arts photo annual

The Applied Arts Photo Annual is out and we’re very pleased to have been selected in four different categories.

In the Portrait and Self Promotion categories we won with some photos from our ‘Off the Grid’ Calendar, which if you don’t know, is the 2011 version of our annual self promotion.

portrait series.jpg

ph-08-5 copy.jpg

The ...

roth and ramberg shoot for the zoo

Brian Allen from Trigger called us on a Thursday about shooting an upcoming campaign for the Calgary Zoo. The trick was that it had to be arranged and shot in a very tight timeline. Three shots which all required location scouting, propping and models.




We took a look at the mockups ...

roth and ramberg book available


We’ve had a lot of requests for a physical copy of the ‘behind the scenes’ book available as pdf or app. Now you can order your very own 8”x10” hard cover or soft cover copy of our ‘Off the Grid’ book available online through Blurb Books.

That’s right… for your coffee ...

roth and ramberg profiled on applied arts website


Applied Arts Magazine just did a profile story about us and our work. Our thanks to Alison Garwood-Jones for writing a great article. And thanks Applied Arts! Read the article here.

Dale & Michele

another year, another roth and ramberg calendar






keith900px.jpgThis year we went to an island that is off the grid, with no power or water unless you generate your own. We photographed some amazingly resourceful people there and made some new friends.


As a bonus this year, we created an app for the iPad and iPhone. Download the Roth ...

roth and ramberg shoot... well, best you just take a look at the video


This was a crazy shoot we did with DDB Edmonton. Syncrude donated money to fund a new ski lift at Fort McMurray’s Vista Ridge ski hill and since Syncrude is well known for raising a herd of bison on their reclaimed land, the concept included a bison. The ski lift ...

american photography award winner

We just found out that we’ve been chosen for the American Photography 26 Awards. That brings the total count to around eighteen for our Cod Tongues and Other Stories self promotion calendar. Tough to beat? You bet, but we are working on next year’s calendar now and it’s looking great ...

scouting and lessons learned


It’s amazing what you can learn in a day and sometimes it’s not what you think or want. Since we arrived here, we quickly discovered we needed to tread lightly. The people who live here have their own version of utopia and we certainly don’t want to ruin it for ...

roth and ramberg are officially off the grid


Dale Roth and Michele Ramberg are officially off the grid.

First a quick background for those who don’t know. We are commercial photographers who, every year, take a photo trip. This year we brought along our assistant Robyn to help. The purpose of the trip is to photograph our annual ...