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roth and ramberg, the bison and the mistletoe

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Christmas is approaching and most of the advertising is done or will be done soon. Annual photos of Santa or elves or shoppers or… Fortunately for us, DDB and their client Syncrude believe in a bit of a different Christmas message. Syncrude is ...

roth and ramberg shoot... well, best you just take a look at the video


This was a crazy shoot we did with DDB Edmonton. Syncrude donated money to fund a new ski lift at Fort McMurray’s Vista Ridge ski hill and since Syncrude is well known for raising a herd of bison on their reclaimed land, the concept included a bison. The ski lift ...

roth and ramberg in communication arts

Another month, another award!!


Roth and Ramberg are in the latest issue of Communication Arts Photography Annual. It was a photo done for DDB as part of Syncrude Canada’s “Dream Bigger” campaign. Thanks to Eva and Howard from DDB and of course Mark from Syncrude. 


 Who doesn’t love big trucks!!!