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another perfect day


 We heard the sounds of the icebergs breaking all night long. We decided to get an early start to the day for a change. Loading video, working on the blog, facebook, twitter etc. takes a long time. That of course would be fine if Rogers coverage wasn’t non-existent outside St ...

ice, ice, baby


We drove into the night and arrived at Dildo Run Provincial Park (yes we covered every joke). A few hot showers and some drinking by the campfire we went to bed refreshed. In the morning, we drove the last few kilometres to Twillingate, the drive in was unbelievable. Every vision ...

day one, icebergs and scotch


Well after a night of Screeching and serious, serious drinking (fun) we found out there are icebergs in Twillingate. Not only would that be cool to see, but apparently we can get some iceberg ice and perhaps have a great scotch!! So the plan for day one is to drive ...